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We assist all club members to achieve a lifetime skill set of trading education, which will allow our members to be in full control of their personal development.

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Our team will get you up and running immediately. As an education Portal we will get you started with our recommended tools.

Our reputation is geared strictly towards results, we WILL turn you into a Trader!

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In terms of what we provide we almost guarantee you will not find the same support, the unbeatable value and even the results anywhere.

We cut out all the nonsense, jargon and simplify your whole learning experience.

Attend our Free Seminar Course now and after enrollment if you are not happy you can cancel your membership and access to our tools.

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We are growing the Community Club of Professionals.

You will become a part of a growing family of traders, who have exclusive access to knowledge, resources, benefits and experience.

Its a priceless step forward and best of all, you take your time and allow our education and guidance to work around you and your pace, your lifestyle.

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Why Us?

Our drive and ethics are simple, we are a team of passionate people and we are all about helping others. Sharing the knowledge proven trading abilities and providing access to such knowledge, such satisfaction to help individuals succeed is our primary goal.

We are an organisation located at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Building. We are a part of a group which has a truly diversified portfolio of activity. From being directly involved with a Green Energy Project, trading of Physical Commodities, Mentoring & Coaching, to consultancy services at the highest level of the Global financial industry, we are keen to share our knowledge and perspectives with our members.

Daily Bank News


L-earn Academy weekly overview for the markets. Our forecast videos is presented by Adam, who has contributed as a journalist to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), USA. Quick intro: After a successful, 15-year long career in technical visual effects for film and television, with clients including MTV, BMW, British Airways, Virgin, Old Mutual and many more, Adam sold his global company and transitioned to technical trading of the financial markets in 2008, adding algorithmic development of trading strategies to his skills in 2014. His success comes from exclusively trading trending markets across a portfolio of diverse asset classes ranging from commodities, global indices to currencies.

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